Ad Campaign Photography for DC Department of Health

Earlier this year, I completed commercial photography for an ad campaign being run by the Washington, DC Department of Health. The initiative is called #ShowOff, and is described by the PR and ad firm that runs the campaign as “a youth social marketing campaign that encourages DC youth to share their aspirations, dreams, talents, friendships, and personal style via social media. The campaign engages youth (#ShowOff ambassadors) in activities that develop their leadership skills and cultivates self-awareness in their decision-making.”

The shoot was a lot of fun, and the teens that participated in creating the images had so much energy and really give hope that the next generation will accomplish great things. The shoot took place over two long days, and the teens’ patience and willingness to shoot at 10 different locations across the city made my job a lot easier. The biggest challenge was fitting in so many in so many locations in a two day shoot, so we had to make every opportunity count and stick to a schedule to get around the city. In the end, I was very happy with the final product and all the images created. I really enjoy creating ad campaign photography and commercial images, so this shoot was really enjoyable for me.

Below are a few of the finished ad campaign posters put together by Octane PRA

#ShowOff Your Style: Encourages individuality in DC youth through personal uniqueness.

#ShowOff Your Big Day: Highlights the accomplishments of those teens who have stayed committed to academic excellence.

#ShowOff Your Neighborhood: Encourages youth in an individual's neighborhood and community.

#ShowOff Your Green Thumb: Promotes engagement in gardening and other talents.

#ShowOff Your Individuality: Promotes individuality, self-sufficient decision making, and standing out from the crowd.

#ShowOff Your Besties: Promotes friendship and positive relationships with peers.

The images are currently up in the form of posters and can be seen up and down U Street and other locations around the city:

Commercial posters up on U Street.Commercial poster up at 14th and U Street.

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