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Roman Pool at Hearst Castle

The indoor Roman Pool at Hearst Castle is covered entirely of one-inch mosaic tiles made of colored glass or clear glass containing fused gold inside. The design mimics that of ancient Roman bath houses and (I’m going to guess) was a pretty awesome place to party.

Learn more about the pool and other awesome details of the castle here.

Hearst Castle Grand Dining Room

The "Refectory" at Hearst Castle

During a trip back to California a couple of weeks ago family and I drove up the coast along PCH, from LA to San Francisco–One of the stops we made was at Hearst Castle. This was my first trip to the castle–despite having spent the vast majority of my life in CA–and I’ve never seen a building with a more amazing interior design. Julia Morgan, renowned architect, and William Randolph Hearst spent practically a lifetime designing and acquiring the antique facades and works of art for the structure (including the carved wooden ceiling in the photo above that was imported from Italy).

Hearst’s dining room, which he named the “refectory” after a monastery dining room, was a very social place where he would host an eclectic group of famous guests. Those guests that Hearst deemed most interesting sat toward the center seats closest to Hearst, with less important guests seated toward the table’s ends.

Photo of the Day: Boats of San Juan del Sur

This photo was taken from the summit of an ocean cliff in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The view below is of the half moon cove that provides shelter for fishing boats and beach goers alike.

My compadre Nils, a native of Nicaragua working in Costa Rica who I met while crossing into Nicaragua, persuaded me to take a detour to SJDS on my way to Granada.

With its serene ocean view and party atmosphere, this friendly ocean town was definitely worth the stop. Nils showed me the ropes of the town and led me to this spot, the colossal 24 meter Christ of Mercy statue, 134 meters above the ocean on display for the town below.

Theme of the Week and Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, EgyptI’m considering doing something a little different with the photoblog–a “theme of the week” where I post photos for the week that follow a theme. We’ll see how this plays out.

For now though, this week’s theme is… (reaching into a hat to pull a small folded piece of paper) … black and white photos. Start simple, right? We’ll get more abstract later.

Below is a photo I took years ago in Cairo, Egypt, before all the recent political unrest. Cairo is unlike any other city that I’ve visited, even in terms of its population density. This photo was taken early morning, and I’m pretty sure the haze in the background is smog from the previous day. The streets were empty at that moment, but within a few hours they’d be packed with Cairo’s roughly 7 million denizens.

Photo of the Day: All clear on Market St.

Still going on my San Francisco kick, I thought I’d post another one of the city.

This is an unusually empty view for a weekday afternoon in the area where the touristy Embarcadero meets the bustling Financial District. It was the holiday season though, and a number of people had already left town.