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13th Annual Cafritz Awards: Photos and Video

Last week I finished video and photography for the 13th Annual Cafritz Awards for Distinguished DC Government Employees, hosted by the Cafritz Foundation and the Center for Excellence in Public Leadership (CEPL). I’ve been working on production for the Cafritz Awards for several years now, and each year it’s a very rewarding and humbling experience, as some of DC’s finest government employees are recognized for their remarkable contributions to making this city a better place.

This year’s Cafritz Awards ceremony was June 4th, but my end of the process began months earlier right after the winners and finalists were selected, and filming and photography began to document their stories. I photographed headshots of each of the finalists and captured a series of portraits of each of the award winners, both of which were published in the program book. The longest part of the production process was the filming and editing of five short videos for each award winner, documenting the story of their major contributions to the city.

Each of these finalists and winners are inspiring people and serve as true role models to everyone in public service. To learn about their stories, you can view the short films I produced at this link.

Here are some of the portraits used in the Cafritz Awards program book:

13th Annual Cafritz Award Winners and Mr. Calvin Cafritz
Cafritz Award Winner Tonya Faust Mead
Cafritz Award Winner John Thomas
Cafritz Award Winner Beatrice Williar
Cafritz Award Winner Allam Al-Alami
Cafritz Award Winner Natalie Mayers

Here are some shots from the June 4th award ceremony:

Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Image from the June 4th Cafritz Awards ceremony
Calvin Cafritz, President of the Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Some shots of the beautiful program book with my photos that the team at CEPL and their graphic design firm put together:

Portraits of the 2012 Cafritz Award Winners

Tonight is the award ceremony for the 2012 Cafritz Awards for Distinguished DC Government Employees, administered by the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.  I’ve spent the better part of the last month filming and editing interviews with the award winners and their colleagues at a variety of venues including a high school, public library, office building, public recreation center, and fire house.

The experience was incredibly rewarding, with the countless hours filming and editing resulting in five short films focused on the amazing work of these DC public servants.  Their stories are an inspiration and illustrate the amazing things that are done in the municipal government every day.

For me, one of the coolest aspects of the project was photographing their portraits for the award ceremony materials and website.  With their work places differing so much, it gave me a (sometimes challenging) opportunity to do something interesting with them in their workplace.  Below is a small sample of the shots that I took.  They really range depending on the environment.  Mixing off-camera flash with ambient light led to some dramatic shots (José at the bottom is a good example of this).

I’ll post the videos of interviews once they play at the ceremony tonight, but for now enjoy the portraits.

Christopher Holmes, Sergeant, District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department


Tameka Borges (and daughter), Recreation Specialist, DC Parks and Recreation


Marcia Harrington, Supervisory Education Specialist, DC Public Library Adult Literacy Resource Center


Jerry Crayton, Dean of Students, Cardozo Senior High School


José Colón, IT Software & GIS Manager, District Department of Transportation