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Roman Pool at Hearst Castle

The indoor Roman Pool at Hearst Castle is covered entirely of one-inch mosaic tiles made of colored glass or clear glass containing fused gold inside. The design mimics that of ancient Roman bath houses and (I’m going to guess) was a pretty awesome place to party.

Learn more about the pool and other awesome details of the castle here.

Gothic Study

Hearst's Gothic Study

Another shot from Hearst Castle: The Gothic Study was W.R. Hearst’s executive board room and the main place where he conducted business while at the castle. The room was quite dim and I was doing this without a tripod–phew, that’s a lot of breath holding and concentration!

Photo of the Day: All clear on Market St.

Still going on my San Francisco kick, I thought I’d post another one of the city.

This is an unusually empty view for a weekday afternoon in the area where the touristy Embarcadero meets the bustling Financial District. It was the holiday season though, and a number of people had already left town.

Photo of the day: SF Ferry Building

Last week I grabbed lunch with some friends in the Ferry Building on Embarcadero.  Afterward I wandered upstairs to find that it’s surprisingly quite, a big shift from ground level.  The second floor is not accessible to the public (without official business at least), but the guard let me grab a few shots.

SF Ferry Building

Photo of the Day: Sunrise in San Francisco

I’ve thankfully escaped the cold of DC and upgraded to the slightly-less-chilly-but-still-cold of San Francisco.  The sky was unusually clear this morning, so I decided to venture out last second to get a shot of the sunrise.  Fortunately sunrise was at 7:20 so it wasn’t too hard to get out there.

This was taken at South Beach Park in SF, next to AT&T Park.  The 60-foot statue to the right is “Sea Change” by Mark di Suvero.  Enjoy.