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Red Carpet Affair, DC Style

The Happy Hosts

Last Saturday some friends hosted a theme party in honor of the birth of Blue Ivy, the new-born daughter of music artists Beyonce and Jay-Z. To give the party (hosted at a six bedroom house in Mt. Pleasant) a club feel and some red carpet pizazz, the set up a backdrop and red carpet runway at the entrance.

I have to say that the runway idea was brilliant! It added the extra touch needed to pull the theme together and get people in the mood, even if they didn’t come dressed up. Personally, I had a great time photographing all the beautiful people in their club attire. From the photos you would think that this shindig happened in NYC or LA, not the middle of a residential neighborhood in DC.

As for the party attendees, everyone seemed to love it. It was the perfect icebreaker before people headed upstairs to hang out in one of the “VIP lounges” or hit the dance floor. I think more house parties should incorporate a photo op at the entrance–and it’s easy to do!

Tracey, Giselle, and Paul, you throw a hell of a party! Some photos from the event below: