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It has to start somewhere…

Welcome to my new photoblog!

This is a project that I’ve been meaning to start for some time, mainly as a place to post updated photos and keep people updated on my latest projects.

This place is best described as a “go with the flow” photoblog–I’ll update when I feel the impulse and when it makes sense.  I’m not huge on social media, but this is a start.  More than anything, it will finally give me a forum to share photos with others that would otherwise sit on my hard drive (until I decide they are good enough to fall into one of my portfolio pages).

In any event, I’ve already thought of what my first posting will be… cherry blossoms in DC’s tidal basin!  I know, there’s a million photos of these, but hopefully mine are a little unique.  Hey, at least I get the satisfaction of putting them where others can see them.

For now, a small preview of the cherry blossom photos…

Sunrise over DC's tidal basin during the cherry blossom full bloom.