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Thunderstorm from 30,000 feet

This photo was taken at 30,000 feet (on my flight from New Orleans, connecting to Atlanta, back to DC).  It took me a little while to realize there was a wicked thunderstorm going off in the distance.  By the time I got my camera out we were right next to it. 

I’ve never really seen a storm from the outside looking in like this before. It was pretty crazy, with lightning going off every other second at the height of it.  Hard to tell how many miles across the storm cloud was covering though. I’m glad that we weren’t in the middle of it!

New Theme of the Week: Urban Lights

I’ve always loved the way that cities look at night, especially with the flare added by tungsten lights and moving cars. That’s why this week’s theme is “urban lighting.”

This photo was taken in Mt. Pleasant just last night–I’ve wanted to photography this confluence of alleys and graffiti for some time and finally got on it.

A day in Philadelphia

Below are a few shots from my trip through Philly a couple weeks back.  I was only there a few hours, but I managed to snag some night shots with the help of my tripod.  A great city with great views (and food), it warrants a trip back soon!

Evening view of the Schuylkill River.
Motorcycles parked in front of the Museum of Art.
Passing traffic at Eakins Oval.
Bikes at the Museum of Art.

Photo of the Day: Harleys at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Yesterday I passed through Philly on the way back from a wedding in NJ.  Besides having a fantastic meal at Jim’s Steaks, we passed by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to watch the sunset and snap a few shots.  After making a loop around the museum, we walked back up to the top of the famous “Rocky Steps” to get an evening view of the city.  Having been there a few minutes earlier, I wasn’t expecting to see a group of Harleys parked at the top.  I chatted a bit with the riders and they let me snap some photos of their hogs.  This is one of my favorite photos (I’ll post others later).

Parked in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.