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New Orleans on the Go pt. 2

I haven’t had a chance to edit or upload other photos from New Orleans, and this “on the go” post is coming much later than I expected.  My original plan was to edit via iPad on the plane, and post during the lay over in Atlanta, but mechanical issues kept us on the ground an extra hour and almost made us miss our connection!

For now, here are a few shots from NOLA with others to come.  I had such an awesome experience there with the food, music, architecture, history, and people.  New Orleans has such a unique culture that some have called it “America’s most foreign city” (and this is meant in the best way).  Anyway, here’s a few shots with more to come!

Dusk at Jacques-Imo's Restaurant and the Maple Leaf Bar


Beignets from Cafe du Monde
Boudin balls for brunch at Elizabeth's
The Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band playing at Tipitina's
The Apple Barrel bar on Frenchman Street, located just below Adolpho's

New Orleans on the Go

I’ve been experimenting with my travel photography workflow to make it less cumbersome (less gear, fewer things to worry about) and faster (to get photos up while traveling, and spend less time indoors and more time exploring!).

These photos are the product of my Canon 5D Mk II, iPad and camera connection kit, and Nik Snapseed for editing (with a little help from Photogene for spot edits). The workflow is working out nicely! The iPad is much more useful on the go than I had ever imagined and its been well worth the investment. No more days of lugging the MacBook, powersupply, and external hard drive around.

As for New Orleans—it’s a blast! You can google it and find millions of positive reviews but here are the take aways from day 1: AMAZING food, great music, friendly people, classic architecture. Three more days to go.

Partying on the balconies of Bourbon Street
Amazing grilled oysters at the Acme Oyster House
Pecan cobbler at the Acme Oyster House
St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square