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Overdue, But Overhauled

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted an update—This summer has been packed with client jobs and independent photo projects, making it a little harder than usual to keep up with the web content.  But, over the last few months I’ve built up my portfolio and have started to cycle out some older content on my site for some of the newer work.

Screen shot of the new portfolio

Most notably I’ve redesigned the “portfolio” section, which now has a simpler layout and streamlined categories.  Check the page out, most notably the “portrait” and “fashion” sections.  There’s also a fair amount of new work in the “around the world” section, which has a selection of travel and landscape photography from various places I’ve been to.

I’m still working on adding a couple sections and making other small tweaks, but  this is the first major overhaul of my portfolio in over a year!