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Opening Day at Photoshop World 2012

Today was day one of the 2012 Photoshop World Conference and Expo, the world’s largest photography and lighting conference!  It provides an opportunity for photographers and designers of all levels to meet each other, learn skills, test products, and exchange ideas.  While it’s fresh in my mind and before I get some sleep (things kick up again at 8:15am tomorrow), I wanted to share a few details about the conference.

Adobe gave the opening keynote, presenting new features in Lightroom 4 and Creative Suite 6.

I was really impressed with the presentation delivered by Adobe’s Julieanne Kost on the new features in Lightroom 4 (keep in mind that Lightroom is my main editing tool).  New features included video editing within Lightroom, improved control over shadows/midtones/highlights, drag and drop GPS tagging of photos (you literally drop them onto a Google Map to tag them!), and in-application photo book design.  There was also a very cool demonstration of countless new features in Photoshop 6.

Classes I attended today covered a wide range of topics including flash lighting techniques, shooting and editing portraiture, design and composition, stock photography, and surviving in today’s marketplace.  Each class was very informative, and the instructors were completely approachable and happy to talk one-on-one after their presentations.

Also, the expo floor is very cool if you’re even remotely into photography.  Most of the major photography related companies were present demonstrating gear and software, as well as a live models to photograph and test out lighting equipment.  As a special note for me, I got to test out the new Canon 5D Mk III (!!!) with a 200mm f/1.8 attached.  The combination of the two must have weighted 15 pounds, and my life will never be the same again (it was so fast and quiet compared to the Mk II).  The expo floor is open to the public Sunday the 25th and Monday the 26th, and you can register to attend here.

With two more days left in the convention, I’m looking forward to all the amazing tips, ticks, and techniques that will be covered as well as all the creative minds to be inspired by!

To follow more of the conference, check on twitter for posts with the hashtag #PSW12.